Though some bb creams aim to replace your entire arsenal of face products, thats not always realistic. If your skin is extra dry, youll want to prep with moisturizer so your BBs pigment doesnt stick to dry spots. Also, since most BBs have light to medium coverage, youll probably still need concealer for under-eye circles, blemishes, and other discolorations. Which bb cream is Right For you? Click through the gallery, were breaking it down. Originally published July 2015.

bb cream colors more. A foundation brush (or a sponge like the beauty Blender) does the job better than fingers. Layering brings the best results.

Are they the same as tinted moisturizers? Do they work for every skin tone? Whats the best bb cream for oily skin? We tested a full lineup to bring you the very best bb creams. Bb creams: The facts you dont Know. Theres Not Just a single definition. Unfortunately, the term bb cream is tuinen pretty nebulous and encompasses a wide range of products. Bb creams originated in Germany and exploded in Korea, where they were first used by laser treatment patients to ease post-procedure redness. But now that beauty consumers have embraced BBs, new formulas span a range of shades, textures and skincare benefits. Theyre not one shade fits all. Despite what some packages claim, we found a wide range of colors and they dont all work with every skin tone.

bb cream colors

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Real talk: How did we ever live without a good bb cream? There are so many days that we thank our complex lucky stars that all we have to do is rub on a little bb to look perfectly put together, instead of slathering on a ton of foundation. How do we love them? Let us count the ways! Lightweight coverage laser that builds like a foundation? Amazing wear, even through the summer heat? Any product that makes our skin look flawless while also actually helping us actually get a perfect complexion is basically amazing in our books. But these moisturizer/foundation/spf hybrids, with their laundry lists of features, can also be incredibly confusing.

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bb cream colors

Well, two years later, brands got the memo, and decided to start creating bb -and cc creams, the bb s slightly more opaque cousin-for women of many colors. Ill make a separate post for sub-N20 bb creams in the future, but at this point Im just establishing the relationships between bb cream colors. Drugstore foundation/bb cream is usually too yellow or orange, same with mac which compostkorf could not match me when I went and got my colour matched. "Kom jij maar hier zitten, zei ik tegen Ronald en schoof een keukenstoel in zijn richting. (ii) If you have oily roots then dont put the avocado mask pure onto the first inch or so of your hair.

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Clicking those links before you shop means that fan-b receives a small commission, which helps to support the blog. Please see my mask full disclosure for more information).

bb cream colors

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RoseRoseShop : the shipping is ridiculous unless youre ordering other stuff and the handling time is increasingly uneven. BeautyNetKorea : limited selection, but the prices include shipping and theyre fast as hell considering that they ship from Korea. Ebay : the prices are often higher, but include shipping. Any bb creams tatoeage that you recommend adding to the swatch library? Okoff to somehow pack all of my skincare and makeup! Ill mainly be blogging mini posts on the fanserviced Instagram, which you can find here. Im taking a bunch of sun and beachy things with me to review on the beach, so look for those posts there! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

I most often use the mizon Snail Repair bb and brtc jasmine water bb, so ive used them both in the first post and here in the second for the sake hoofdhuid of comparison. The bb creams I swatched are: skylake natural Multi Blemish Balm, tonyMoly bcdation in #01 skin79 Super Purple. Lioele secret Pore Bright foundation in #23. Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm, brtc jasmine water bb cream, lioele beyond the solution bb cream. Too cool for School Blending Cream. Places to get Korean bb cream samples: TesterKorea : the source for Korean beauty samples. Also the source of many check out nightmares.

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I bought It, affiliate links, im frantically preparing to go on vacation (waaaaaaaaah! but I wanted to share an addition to the. Bb cream Masterpost that I made a serum bit ago. I recently received some samples from. Beauteque, an online k-beauty store, for participating in an Instagram event, so there are six new bbs here! The Swatches, in terms of color i estimate that Im about N15 to nc15 on my arm: fair-skinned with the slightest yellow undertones. What Im trying to do here really is show the relative color of the bb creams, which is why i didnt blend out the samples. If you try or have tried one of these bbs you should be able to get a sense of where it is relative to other bbs and begin to zero in on your ideal. Ill make a separate post for sub-N20 bb creams in the future, but at this point Im just establishing the relationships between bb cream colors.

Bb cream colors
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