It is used as an ingredient in personal care products such as lotions, moisturizers, cosmetics, and cleansers etc. It: moisturises and soothes skin, promotes healing of skin Acts as anti-inflammatory agent and anti-irritant, analgesic, relaxant Prevents aging, reduces sunburns Increases skin penetration, nourishes skin Uses Of Salt: Tocopherol Tocopherol is also known as vitamin e, very important for body metabolism. It: maintains cholesterol levels, hormone levels, energy levels in the body. Prevents heart diseases, macular degeneration of the eye. Improves overall health, immunity, blood circulation. Reduces intestinal inflammation along with skin inflammation. Treats acne, eczema, scars, and wrinkles, flaky and dry scalp. Side Effects Of exfoliac acnomega 200 30 ml side Effects Of Salt: Aqua aqua is usually safe.

exfoliac acnomega in: Constipation Lowering blood sugar level Total cholesterol in diabetic people Dry mouth condition It has water absorbing properties, thus swells in the intestine and forms stool bulk, making defecation easy. It also prevents the absorption of sugar from digestive track, thus lowering the blood sugar level. Uses Of Salt: Bisabolol Bisabolol is derived from chamomile.

Reduces wrinkles, ageing, acne (topical use of aqua). Uses Of Salt: Glycolic Acid, glycolic Acidis used for treating acne, blackheads, fine lines, dullness, oiliness. Uses Of Salt: butylene glycol, butylene glycol (topical)is a small organic alcohol majorly used in the production of hair and bath products, skin care products, eye and facial makeup products etc. It enhances the penetration of product into the skin, acts as a solvent in the cream treatments and reduces the thickness of creams, thus making them easier to use. Uses Of Salt: Glycerine, glycerine is used in the treatment of following conditions: Dry / rough / scaly / itchy skin. Diaper rash, skin burns from radiation Flaking skin Uses Of Salt: Glyceryl stearate Glyceryl stearate is a derivative of palm kernel, vegetable (or) soy oil. It is now a days widely used in cosmetics as it: Smoothens and softens skin. Prevents dehydration of skin Protects skin from free radical damage Acts as lubricant Removes greasiness5 or over oil on the skin. Uses Of Salt: Cetyl Alcohol Cetyl alcohol is used in the treatment of following conditions: Minor skin irritation Dry / rough / itchy / scaly skin Uses Of Salt: Cetearyl Alcohol Cetearyl alcohol (topical) is used in the treatment of following conditions: Dry skin, rough. Treats diarrhea, wilsons disease, age related vision loss, anemia, anorexia, adhd in children, leprosy, peptic ulcers. Relieves depression, the common cold.

exfoliac acnomega

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Exfoliac acnomega 200 30 ml has the following salts in its composition 1 aqua 2) Alkyl Citrate 3 glycolic Acid 4) Cetearyl Isononanoate 5 butylene glycol 6 glycerine 7 glyceryl stearate 8 cetyl Alcohol 9) Propylene glycol Alginate 10) Methyl complex Glucose sesquistearate 11). Cetearyl Alcohol 12 zinc 13 xanthan Gum 14 bisabolol 15) Sebacic Acid 16 tocopherol 17) 20 other ingredients, uses Of exfoliac acnomega 200. Uses Of Salt: Aqua, aqua is alkaline ph of water and has medicinal value. It: Reduces acid levels in the body acid levels in the body, obesity, and stomach acid. Acts as antioxidant, detoxifying agent. Increases the amount of concentration of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and oxygen beans in the body. Cleanses body by flushing out wastes and toxins.

Exfoliac Acnomega 100 30ml

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exfoliac acnomega

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