I'm not sure we will ever find a solution.". Language is the fundamental flaw at the core of Belgium's existential crisis, taking on the role that race, religion, or ethnicity play in other conflict-riven societies. The country operates on the basis of linguistic apartheid, which infects everything from public libraries to local and regional government, the education system, the political parties, national television, the newspapers, even football teams. There is no national narrative in Belgium, rather two opposing stories told in Dutch or French. The result is a dialogue of the deaf. "When I was studying in Brussels in the 1970s says a flemish former deputy prime minister, "I knew all the walloon colleagues because we were on the same campus.

existentiële conditions like this.". Only a few miles to the east, but on the other side of the language barricades, damien Thiéry, a french speaker, is more sorry than angry, but similarly pessimistic. "we've been arguing about this for 30 years.

You are in a country called Flanders. That does not exist either, but if many of the politicians running this divided society get their way it is only a matter of time. "Long live free flanders, huidspecialist may belgium die" was the battle cry ringing out in Belgium's federal parliament on Thursday as the 150 elected deputies cleared their desks and returned home to prepare to fight an early election next month, triggered by the latest collapse. Following the last election in 2007, belgium went without a government for six months because of the divisions and squabbling between Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north and French-speaking Wallonia in the south. Three years later, the same conflict has brought down the government again. In most countries of western, europe, preferentiebeleid the third prime ministerial resignation in three years would be cause for alarm. In Belgium, the latest resignation of yves Leterme, the Christian Democrat prime minister after only five months has instead been greeted with shrugs of indifference and expressions of relief. "we are incredibly lucky to be here; this is one of the luckiest countries in the world says a senior government official. "we are very successful." Which is true in many respects. But the political class running this wealthy state.5 million people gives a very good impression of caring little for a country called Belgium.


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Twenty minutes north of mask Brussels, in Belgium's medieval royal seat of Mechelen, there's a science playground, just the place for the kids on a boring, wet Sunday afternoon. Technopolis is stuffed with interactive gadgets and games, making education fun. There is also another message. When entering the complex, the paving stones are inscribed with a simple, direct statement. The message is in Dutch only, the language of Flanders, the bigger northern half of the country. You are told the size of Flanders in square kilometres and its population density. There is no mention of, belgium. That does not exist.

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Agressiebeheersing - vind hier een goede therapie of therapeut, psychotherapeut, coach of psycholoog voor agressiebeheersing. Geef je gemeente. Sportief en warm voorproefje op Koningsdag 2 dagen geleden. 2 dagen geleden 1 tien nul voor de gele hesjes, werd het vrijdag tijdens een. Belgisch voetbal de wedstrijd tussen Racing Mechelen en Vorselaar in eerste provinciale is deze namiddag ontaard in rellen. Nadat circle een speler van Racing. "Vind je dit lekker?

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Nadat een speler van Racing Mechelen een rode kaart kreeg, bestormde een aantal fans van de mechelse club het supportersvak van de bezoekers. De politie blokker kwam tussenbeide om beide clans van elkaar te scheiden. Twee supporters van Racing raakten gewond. Volgens de politie werd een tiental relschoppers geïdentificeerd en werd tegen hen proces-verbaal opgesteld. De wedstrijd werd niet meer uitgespeeld.

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