The skin is revitalised, appears younger and remains younger-looking for longer. Truly seduced and convinced of her choice, the Orchidée impériale woman made a lasting beauty pact with guerlain. Starting with the Orchidée impériale Cream, she learned to delight in all the facets of the range. With precision and care, she combined the ultimate in skincare with the most subtle sensations, thus composing her very own orchid ritual 54 in complete age-defying effectiveness* * Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist on a sample group of 32 women. Results after 2 months of twice-daily application of the Orchidée impériale Cream. Three new skincare products formulated with the new-Generation Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract fulfil the promise to win back control over time. Orchidée impériale to ner, orchidée impériale neck and Décolleté Cream.

guerlain orchidarium surrounding ecosystem. It increases skin cells life expectancy. From one day to the next, young and active cells become more numerous. The processes responsible for skin ageing are impeded.

Every day, their skin revealed a new youthfulness: it was smoother, widmer firmer, more radiant. From then on, they felt, instinctively, that a pact had been made between them and Orchidée impériale a pact for lasting beauty. Their instinct was right. Guerlain is constantly striving to take performance and quality to new heights. Convinced of the exceptional potential of the most evolved flower of the plant kingdom, guerlain decided to take a long-term approach by developing the very first evolutionary research platform ever dedicated to a flower: the Orchidarium. Every day, within this research platform, skin the stunning age-defying properties of the orchid are revealed. Isolated by Guerlain, they are concentrated in the new-Generation Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract, to act on the skins six key longevity mechanisms It stimulates the longevity gene that is responsible for the synthesis of an anti-inflammatory protein. It combats the spiral of immunoageing. It preserves the original composition of the cell membrane. It increases the regeneration potential of epidermal cells. It reinforces dna protection.

guerlain orchidarium

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You are here: Home the beauty hub » Guerlain - orchidée impériale - new Generation. Over 10 years years of research. A multidisciplinary research platform unique in the world, the guerlain Orchidarium, dedicated to the most evolved flower of the plant kingdom: the Orchid. Three orchids selected from 30,000, brought together at the heart of the new-Generation Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract. The secret of extraordinary longevity for your skin. In 2006, women discovered Exceptional Complete care, created from a wonder of nature, a flower with exceptional longevity: the Orchid. Immediately, they were seduced by its refined texture, which delighted the senses and gave underarm a feeling of well-being. Within moments, they were won over by the effectiveness of this skincare product, named.

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guerlain orchidarium

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guerlain orchidarium

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