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italian motorcycle clothing brands

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Cav empt cav empt 5 more cav empt cav empt cav empt cav empt cav empt The people behind cav empt (often shortened. E) are a bit like those elusive musicians who write hit songs but never chase fame themselves: though you might not know them, you definitely know their work. Founders Sk8thing and Toby feltwell have deep respective histories in the tokyo fashion and music scenes: Sk8thing is a graphic designer who has created graphics for heavyweight Japanese clothing brands like bape, neighborhood, undercover, bounty hunter and many more, as well as designing the logos. An invitation to tokyo to provide legal advice to nigo led to positions as Operations Director and Creative consultant for bape, bbc and Ice Cream. Following the sale of bape to it, feltwell reconvened with Sk8thing and productions expert Hishi on a new project helmed by three creatives with no financial direction — debt through chaos. collections are a visual exploration of post-modernism, blending far-flung references like 20th-century Italian horror films, French post-structuralist philosophy, internet.0 iconography and digital archaeology to question the very nature of physicality, permanence, value and truth. Even the brands name is an abbreviation of the latin phrase, caveat emptor — or buyer beware. Junya watanabe getty Images / Catwalking 5 more getty Images / Catwalking Getty Images / Catwalking Getty Images / Catwalking Getty Images / Catwalking Getty Images / Catwalking One of the worlds most respected contemporary menswear designers, japanese or otherwise, junya watanabe worked under rei.

italian motorcycle clothing brands

Mastermind japan mastermind japan 1 more mastermind japan first founded by designer Masaaki honma in 1997, mastermind japan (often shortened to mastermind or just mmj) is a case study in timeless cool from a japanese perspective. At its core, mastermind is characterized by two raw ingredients: the color black, and its iconic skull crossbones logo. While so few elements might sound limited on paper, mastermind demonstrates how far you can push the envelope, and in doing so has created one of the most iconic Japanese clothing brands ever. Fundamental inspirations come from punk and goth aesthetics, but highly technical production techniques such as form-hugging silhouettes, multiple-layered T-shirts and Swarovski crystal detailing — combined with the brands notoriously close-chested operations from which virtually no information ever leaks — have culminated in a brand that. Karl Lagerfeld, notorious Creative director of Chanel, once cited mastermind japan as one of his favorite labels, and mmj is one of very few brands to have collaborated with historic French luggage manufacturer, maison goyard.

Honma closed the brands doors unceremoniously in 2013 after 15 successful years, though the brand has recently resurfaced with modest collections and collaborations with the likes of adidas Originals. Needles needles 5 more needles needles needles needles needles Born from true passion, like so many of the most revered Japanese brands, needles is one of many brands that were created as an offshoot of Nepenthes. Nepenthes was founded by friends daiki suzuki and keizo shimizu, starting out as a menswear store that imported classic American brands with a heavy influence from ivy league and prep style. Over time, the business birthed a number of labels including Nepenthes New York, engineered Garments and needles. Though each brand is worthy of note in its own right, needles bold reworking of classic American military and casual clothing has cemented the label as a wardrobe essential amongst discerning retailers like haven, goodhood and end.

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Looking at collections, its possible to identify the influence of countless iconic bands, from the golden era of Pink Floyd, led Zeppelin and deep Purple to the later years of post-punk and grunge like nirvana, jesus mary Chain and Daniel Johnston. The japanese brand caused great shock when it announced it would be closing in 2009, but fortunately fans didnt have to wait long for miyashitas next project takahiromiyashitatheSoloist launched in 2010, takahiromiyashitatheSoloist (often abbreviated to The soloist) is a pure continuation of miyashitas previous work. The designers distinct style is present as ever, though arguably with a slightly more refined, matured touch than number (N)INE. Collections have taken inspiration from cultural phenomenons such as Oasis, david Bowie and country western, bringing miyashitas impeccable eye for evolution and elevation to each subject. Visvim visvim 5 more visvim visvim visvim visvim visvim Perhaps one of the most famous contemporary japanese clothing brands of all, visvim was started in 2000 by hiroki nakamura after leaving his position as a designer at Burton Snowboards. Inspired in equal parts by the technical elements of his previous position and the traditional crafts of different cultures that he learned about traveling the world, nakamura founded Cubism Inc., whose Free international Laboratory.

Endeavors to blend natural, traditional techniques with pioneering contemporary perspectives to create the pinnacle expression of classic clothing. Dyes made from indigo, mud and cochineal beetles are applied to textiles as intricate as linen/hemp/silk/angora blends, then treated with modern technologies such as Gore-tex to find the perfect balance between the functionality of modern manufacturing and the timeless appeal of traditional techniques. The most famous expression of this technique is nakamuras reconfiguration of Native american moccasin, the fbt, a shoe that blends natural leather construction and ornate tassel details with a durable vibram outsole and has grown to be one of the most coveted footwear designs. Head Porter head Porter 5 more head Porter head Porter head Porter head Porter head Porter One of many japanese clothing brands created by the godfather of Japanese streetwear, hiroshi fujiwara, head Porter creates luggage and accessories such as wallets, totes and handbags, signified. Though head Porter is arguably best known for its black nylon products with bright orange lining, the brands unparalleled popularity in Japan and beyond has seen the line expand to include seasonal designs in a range of colors and patterns, and when it then comes. In fact, its probably easier to list the brands head Porter hasnt collaborated with, but notable previous projects include a bathing Ape, supreme, norse Projects and comme des garçons.

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Wacko maria, wacko maria. With perhaps the most fascinating backstory of all, wacko maria was founded by nobuhiro mori and keiji Ishizuka, two j-league professional footballers. Starting out as the rock Steady bar in tokyo, the venture eventually evolved into tree wacko maria, a japanese menswear brand inspired by latin American style and rockabilly subcultures. Known for their ornate shirting and outerwear with elaborate embroidered details, and combining traditional artwork such as religious iconography and classic Americana with oversized slogans, the brand has carved out a niche for larger-than-life clothing with an addictively absurd twist, making it a favored brand. This season the brand created a capsule collection with notorious graffiti artist Neck tattoo face, finding a perfect partner to their unique approach to the no-holds-barred psychobilly aesthetic. Number (N)ine, number (N)ine 4 more, number (N)ine, number (N)ine, number (N)ine, number (N)ine not unlike takahashis work with undercover, takahiro miyashitas number (N)ine was an impassioned exploration of Americana and music — specifically rock roll. The japanese fashion labels name comes from the song revolution 9, the 8-minute avant-garde song from The beatles iconic White Album, and though the brands styles varied wildly from season to season, every piece was unified by an underlying essence of rock roll style. Like many of his contemporaries, miyashitas designs demonstrate sheer mastery of texture, layering and the power of clothing as an expression of culture.

italian motorcycle clothing brands

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As the name suggests, wtaps is a japanese brand inspired by authentic military designs, infusing this with streetwear sensibilities and contemporary perspectives to create some of the most sought-after pieces in Japanese daily streetwear. In Japan, wtaps is as notorious as Supreme for long lines on release days and rapid sell-out product. Their Jungle Stock cargo pants and M-65 jackets sit alongside supremes box logo hoodies and bape camouflage in streetwear royalty, and are essential to any wardrobe — if you somehow manage to get hold of them. Undercover, jun takahashis undercover is probably the epitome of Japanese streetwear. For nearly 30 years, the designers distinct visual perspective has been influencing design to where contemporary fashion stands today, and early undercover designs are now some of the most coveted and sought-after pieces for collectors. The aesthetic of this Japanese brand is best explained by its own motto: we make noise, not clothes. Undercover is about disruption, subversion and rebellion, blending pop culture iconography with punk, bondage, goth and post-modern aesthetics to create the quintessential punk streetwear brand. Wacko maria, wacko maria 5 more, wacko maria.

For the already familiar, its a vette chance to reflect on the best of the best. For those less informed, the doors about to open to a whole other level of style. Neighborhood, neighborhood 5 more, neighborhood, neighborhood, neighborhood, neighborhood, neighborhood, started in 1994 by Shinsuke takizawa (often referred to as Shin neighborhood or nbhd is one of the ogs of Japanese streetwear. Neighborhood was part of the original Harajuku streetwear scene of the early 90s, a tokyo-based movement of friends and peers who effectively founded the japanese streetwear scene, birthing labels including bape, undercover, wtaps, hysteric Glamour and goodenough. Neighborhood draws from takizawas deep passion for historic motorcycle subculture, creating classic American clothing such as leathers, shirting, sweats, flannels and headwear, all with a distinct biker gang twist. Though recent collections have seen neighborhood expand into military, prep, native american and even early-20th century industrial workwear styles, the brand is still best known for its authentic selvedge denim, manufactured to strict traditional specifications and customized with intricate, natural distress washes that range from. Wtaps, wtaps 5 more, wtaps, wtaps, wtaps, wtaps, wtaps, tetsu nishiyama, aka tet, was a protégé of Shin in the early 90s when he started fpar, a t-shirt brand inspired by the diy aesthetic of punk and anarchic movements. In 1996 he started wtaps, pronounced double-taps, taken from the military term for two shots at the same target in quick succession.

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To celebrate the launch of, highsnobiety japan, were exhibiting the numerous ways in chronische which Japanese culture intersects with our publications points of interest. The following piece is a guide to the 26 Japanese brands you need to know about if you didnt already. Only a few years ago, japanese fashion was one of the best kept secrets in menswear. Clearly thats no longer the case. Of course, brands like comme des garçons, a bathing Ape and undercover have been fashion heavyweights for a long time, but its only in the past few years that the global fashion audience has begun to learn about the wealth of Japanese clothing brands that have been. With that in mind, heres a guide to some of the best Japanese clothing brands that all. Highsnobiety readers should know about.

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