Provided the 24-year-old future Edward vii with an early prototype which their Web site explains was worn for informal dinner parties at his Sandringham country estate. . According to the company's original ledgers the Prince commissioned "a blue silk smoking jacket" and trousers of a matching fabric. Another version of the Prince's first encounter with the tailcoat alternative is proffered by menswear historian Nicholas Storey: According to lord Dupplin, his ancestor the late victorian Lord Dupplin was a good friend of the Prince of Wales and, after one season, he was invited. He consulted the tailor Henry poole over what to wear and an early version of the dinner jacket resulted. Apparently, he was lightly ribbed over it - but the Prince of Wales adopted the style for informal events the next season and so, naturally, it started to catch. Regardless of how or when the Prince discovered the evening jacket, we do know that he was in the habit of wearing it by the summer of 1886 as that is when history records its introduction to an impressible American dinner guest. American Premiere the only known record of the jacket's export from England is an essay from the tuxedo park archives about an 1886 summer visit to that country by two of its residents, millionaire coffee broker James Brown Potter and his actress wife cora. . Upon being introduced to the couple at a court ball, the womanizing Prince of Wales was apparently taken with Coras renowned beauty and invited the couple to dinner at Sandringham. .

black tie white jacket Eventually the lounge jacket found its way indoors as a smoking jacket when country squires had it made from the same soft velvet as their dressing gowns so it could absorb the odor of cigars that were smoked after dinner once the ladies had retired. . After this, writes menswear historian Nicholas Antongiavanni, it was a short step for them to ask that it be made in black wool, with tailcoat trimmings, so that it was dignified enough to be worn in the dining room. The new dining jacket's legitimacy was assured when it was adopted by queen Victorias eldest son, the Prince of Wales, who had a penchant for elegant but comfortable clothes. . In 1865 legendary savile row tailors Henry poole.

Sundays continued to be an exception to the full-dress rule as polite society dressed more modestly haushka on these evenings. . And it was still best to avoid the custom altogether among groups who considered it an affectation. . This included the middle classes, according to one British manual, who often viewed it as legitimate only for special occasions. Evening Exceptions, new to American etiquette guides of the late nineteenth century was an allowance for less formal attire when appropriate. . Full dress remained mandatory for gentlemen at the most formal of evening affairs weddings, the opera, theater parties and formal dinners but was now optional for social calls, small gatherings and public entertainments where ladies chose to forego full dress. In these latter situations it was acceptable, even appropriate, to follow the womens lead and opt for morning dress instead. English gentry were also seeking an informal alternative to full dress but had no intention of appearing in day wear after candlelight. . Instead, they modified existing evening dress by replacing its most impractical aspect with a more comfortable alternative. English Origin just as the tailcoat had evolved from country riding attire to town day wear and finally to formal evening wear, so factor too did its substitute begin life on horseback. . During the victorian era Britons and Americans were becoming more active in outdoor recreation such as shooting, riding and walking and they required more comfortable clothing for their new pastimes. .

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Evening dress is the proper attire, winter or tattoo summer, on all occasions after candlelight. . There are two kinds of evening dress, formal (or full as it is sometimes vulgarly called) and informal. The complete bachelor (1896) 1880s Etiquette, the last two decades of the nineteenth century saw the continuation of many of the themes of the earlier Victorian era. . In particular, England continued to dominate mens fashion and dress codes became increasingly precise. . At the same time, casual developments in day wear began to creep into conservative evening attire setting the stage for the two-tier dress code we know today. Evening Dress Code, the division of the social day remained as strict as ever: the dinner hour marked the end of morning pastimes and the beginning of evening formalities. . Consequently, polite society was expected to change into evening dress before dining so that they nivea may be prepared for any function they might attend afterward. Also as before, evening dress was not to be seen prior to the seven or eight oclock evening meal. . Considering how often American etiquette authorities harped on this rule it appears that their countrymen still could not grasp that the only formal attire acceptable for daylight was morning dress.

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Another favourite pre-tied bowtie is the version by tom Ford. What evening shirt material should I go for? There are a number of options available in evening shirts. Marcella is perhaps the classic British material for a dress shirt. The dimpled fabric it looks like the surface of a gold ball takes its name from Marseille and has a stiffness that makes it perfect for evening wear as a bib front on a dress shirt. If you are looking for something lighter try a pleated front, such as the sea island cotton version by turnbull asser. The plainest is a straightforward cotton piqué this looks good with a hidden placket. Whether you opt for studs or buttons is a matter of taste but cuffs must always be double. Marcella dinner shirt by turnbull asser, 225.

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Go online and watch a video, then practice. In terms of the tie itself, you can kleine match it with kopen the facing of the suit - satin with satin, grosgrain silk with grosgrain silk - but it can also be an opportunity to something different. A different texture or feel can look great but I wouldn't go into different colours or prints. Do you really want to be 'that guy with the fun bow tie? Read next, read up on how to tie a bow tie right.

Is a clip-on bow tie ever acceptable? A clip-on absolutely not, but while purists may frown you can get away (just) with a pre-tied version. It should look, however, as much like a hand-tied bowtie as possible. I once bought a pre-tied black bowtie. Charvet in Paris and it looked messy enough that no-one would guess that it wasnt the real thing brilliant!

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Wearing a waistcoat can look really nice and is a good alternative to the cummerbund. A black tie waistcoat is also a different shape: scooped, like a horseshoe, to show off the marcela front or the pleats of your shirt.". Wear midnight blue like, james Bond, sean Connery as James Bond in Goldfinger (1964). Rex features "At the moment people are always asking, 'should I be wearing midnight navy?' The midnight trend has been bubbling under for years. In low light, it gives a richness you don't get with black for some reason.

It's not for everyone - you have to be comfortable with it because in anything other than low light it will look quite blue, but in the right conditions it will look really special.". What sort of shirt should you wear? "It should always be a turn down collar - a wing collar is for white tie. The front part (the bib) should be pleated or Marcela (that textured fabric made up of little diamond shapes). With pleats, be careful to not veer down the seventies ruffled look, but these days nice tight, neat pleats look great. We do a fly front on our shirts where a front placket covers the buttons and of course it's a double-cuff. It's worn best with some simple elegant cufflinks - silver, black or white.". Learn how to tie a bow tie "There's no excuse. It's not difficult - it is just like tying your shoelaces.

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You can wear a shawl lapel, but that's one of those things that can look great if you do it right but can look awful if you get the proportions wrong. A notch lapel should never be worn on black tie. If you go buy or hire a really cheap dinner jacket it's probably going to have a notch lapel because it's come from a factory where they churn them out with the same block for business suits and dinner suits. A peak lapel looks a bit more zonder special and if you're not the most naturally athletic circle person, it will draw the eyes out to the shoulders and will accentuate that V-shape you want from a well-fitting suit.". Velvet: no longer underground "These days, a velvet dinner jacket can look really cool - the trick is wearing something that fits really well. Velvet has that smoking jacket feel and a lot of people like it because it has a bit of a vintage look. If you do choose to wear one, you should wear smart black trousers, not a whole velvet suit.". Embrace double-breasted and three-piece suits, read next "you can wear a double-breasted dinner suit. You have to be prepared to have it done-up all evening, because if you undo a double-breasted jacket, it hangs and looks dreadful.

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A centre vent will blow open and show your shirt, which looks messy.". Read next, what sort of material should my dinner suit be cut from? I recently sourced a, richard James dinner suit in skin shantung silk for a colleague who was going to an event in Qatar and was concerned that wearing his old-school tux would result in heat stroke. And I have to say he looks a million petro-dollars. While this might not be for everyone i would recommend looking for a lightweight dinner suit for reasons of comfort a wool and silk blend would be perfect. Silk dinner suit by richard James, 1,225. Choosing the right lapel for you "Ideally, you should have a peak lapel.

So if you invest in something that is well made and fits you properly you'll always look good. With a dinner jacket, it's the small details that make the difference: the facing material on the lapels should match the braiding on the trousers and ideally the button fabric. The best black tie scents of all time. Advertisement "Grosgrain natuur silk, rather than satin, looks more considered and elegant. "The fabric is important because it's got to last; traditionally it'll be wool barathea or you can go for mohair - at Dunhill, we've introduced a wool and mohair mix. The beauty of mohair is it plays on the light - you get a luminescence you don't get from wool. "Ideally, the jacket should have a closed back with no vents at all. "It's about the silhouette being sleek and clean. However, it's not very practical, so if you're going to have vents, choose side vents.

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From the duke of Windsor in the Thirties. James Bond in, spectre, black tie remains the gold standard for formal attire - which means it's essential to get it right. Luckily, it's far simpler than you might think. "Eveningwear has been essentially unchanged for many years explains London-based tailor Ben Allen. "It evolves subtly over time, but if you stick with certain rules that will make all the difference. "When everyone looks the same, you can always notice when someone has done it properly and someone hasn't.". Advertisement, read on for his top tips and make sure you stand out in your dinner suit for all the right reasons at your next formal event come party season (or head to this piece. Vogue if you're wondering about the black-tie dress code for women ). Read next, how to spot a brandwond quality jacket from a rental "The good thing about black tie is you only wear it a handful of times a year but it will last for a decade or more.

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