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I prefer it for the morning routine, but works as a second cleanser as well. Its pH measured around pH6.5-7. It's supposed to smell like pine, but it also has some herbs in the mix as well; I like its smell. Sulwhasoo snowise Ex Cleansing foam i've tried several products from Sulwhasoo's Snowise line over the years, and I liked quite a few of them, so when I saw a gift set that had a few products from that line that were new to me,. I got to try out travel-sized Sulwhasoo snowise Ex Cleansing foam and Snowise Brightening Exfoliating gel, the latter is an interesting version of peeling gel; I'm still testing the gel out, but I'm almost done with the foam, and I have to say i liked. It's a true low-pH cleanser; it measured pH4.5-5 for me, as the official website promised: " With a pH.0-6.0, the cleanser has a subtle acidity ideal for preserving the natural pH balance of the skin. The subtle acidity of the foam protects the skins naturally acidic pH balance, cleansing the skin gently while protecting its delicate balance and natural glow ".

the history of whoo foam cleanser

This being said, most of thow products that i've tried did work, and some worked very well for me; I wonder if it's unreasonable to insist on having a full ingredient list for hanbang skincare. What do you think? Sulwhasoo timetreasure Extra Creamy Cleansing foam Let's move on to sulwhasoo. When it comes to korean skincare, i love buying gift sets instead of single products, if I can find them. Quite often I can find a gift set with full-size product that i intended to buy originally and several travel-size products from the same line for almost the same price as the single product; such gift sets tend to sell out quickly thought,.

I've started using eye serum and eye cream from Sulwhasoo timetreasure line this year, and they worked great for my skin, so recently i picked a timetreasure gift set that had a few products from the line that I haven't tried yet, including Sulwhasoo timetreasure. You can find a full-size foam on ebay and Amazon grappig for around 60; Timetreasure is one of Sulwhasoo's premium lines and pricing reflects. It has a nice, clean ingredients list that is full of plant extracts (Cosdna here ) with only a few red flags (lauric, stearic and myristic where acids and perfume, the usual suspects, and a couple of solvents). Sulwhasoo's website describes it as " premium cleansing foam that helps deliver the nutrition of precious pine oil to skin with a rich and smooth texture for refreshing moisture " ( here ). Sulwhasoo timetreasure Extra Creamy Cleansing foam True to its name, it comes out as a soft, light cream, not too runny, but it definitely spreads around easily if I'll let it sit for a moment. The website promised " creamy foam that feels as soft as cashmere on your skin and i agree with their description; it does not produce a lot of foam, but it cleanses well despite being mild and gentle on my skin.

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 The delicate formula is comprised of Ginseng Oil to keep skin moisturized and nourished for a renewed looking complexion after cleansing " ( here ). The history of Whoo radiant (Hwa hyun) Cleansing foam It comes out as a transparent gel, rather liquid-y and runny in texture, and it lathers up into medium amount of off-white foam. According to the thow website, it " includes same amount of gold as Hwa hyun Gold Ampoule, has anti-oxidant effects, hypoallergenic natural surfactant and subacidic pH level " (link here ). Its pH measured between pH5-6, but closer to pH5; I did not notice any gold flakes in it though, unlike in the ampoule, where gold is visible. The history of Whoo radiant (Hwa hyun) Cleansing foam It did a great job at cleansing my skin; it was mild enough to be used as a morning cleanser, but powerful enough to cleanse my skin in the evening without any need for peeling gel. It has a pleasant flowery smell that did not linger.

I liked everything about it except the lack of ingredients list and its price. It sells on Amazon for 70 and on ebay for 60, well withing the price range for premium hanbang cleansers. I'm not entirely sure if I need a powerful anti-aging herbal extracts and gold in my foam cleanser instead of more basic one, but this foam might be able to convince. It reminded me of Manyo factory Blue vita Aqua gel foam that I reviewed a couple weeks ago here, but it felt like more upscale, luxurious version. Blue vita might have the cleaner ingredients list, but unfortunately i can't compare their ingredients until thow updates their website with full ingredients lists instead of talking about some herbal combinations that address changes in seasons, energies etc. It might actually explain something to their Korean consumers, but it's a bit too confusing for someone like me; I would rather read the plain ingredient list than puzzle over a " combination that coordinates blood and energy for quick result " or something like.

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It does have added perfume, but it did not break me up; other questionable ingredients are lauric, stearic and myristic acid (rated 4, 3 and 2 as acne ireland triggers by cosDNA). Some bloggers measured its pH as high as pH8, but mine measured around pH6.5-7, close to pH7; perhaps reformulated foam has lower. It did not dry out my skin, and it was gentle enough to be used as morning cleanser; but i did prefer it for my evening 2-step routine though. The history of Whoo radiant (Hwa hyun) Cleansing foam. The history of Whoo radiant (Hwa huyn) Cleansing foam was the biggest surprise for me out of the whole bunch; I did not expect to like it so much. Cheongidan is one of thow's premium lines, formulated for more mature skin, as you can see from their website. I can't find its ingredient list in English, their pr spiel is the best google can do for me ingredient-wise; but it didn't break me out, face so whatever is in the foam was unoffensive enough for my skin. Even the official usa shopping site for lg brands does not have ingredient list, limiting itself to " this premium cleansing foam detoxifies and lifts away impurities while comforting.

the history of whoo foam cleanser

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Brightening Cleansing foam (Gongjinhyang seol) and stick Hwa hyun Cleansing foam to last me more than couple weeks, enough to test them properly. Seol foam is not particularly new, and it seems that it's been quietly reformulated at least once (compare ingredients lists on Cosdna from 20, and you'll notice a few differences; also, 2016 version has much longer ingredient list). While most of thow products target consumers with mature, dryer skin, seol is a brightening line that will be appropriate for younger consumers that might have oilier skin with post-inflammation pigmentation issues. The new thow website (they finally caved in and came up with English-only website this year; I'm so glad) describes the foam ( here ) as " a snow-white herb extract foam cleanser that adds transparency to your skin. While the rich and fine foam of the water-soluble cleanser thoroughly removes impurities and sebum even from the skins pores, its oriental medicine-based chilhyang palbaeksan ingredients help keep the skin moist and clear." you can get it on both Amazon and ebay for around. Seol foam is white in color and it has rich and creamy consistency, and a little goes a long way. It produces surprisingly light and fluffy foam, and it cleanses very well. I rather liked its smell - it was fresh, mild and pleasant, reminiscent of forest and wild herbs, but not the usual hanbang-in-your-face kind of herbs.

Also, premium-priced cleansers tend to have added perfume, and since i'm allergic to it, i have no choice but to be very careful about. Since there are so many cleansers on the market with clean, natural ingredients, formulated without mineral oil, sls, parabens and artificial fragrances and dyes, as well as other acne triggers and irritants, that are also very reasonably priced, most often I splurge on other skincare. This being said, fomo is real, and for a while i was wondering if i am really missing something by not trying cleansers from high-end brands. The history of Whoo brightening Cleansing foam slechte (Gongjinhyang seol). Let's start with The history of Whoo (I'm going to abbreviate it further in the post, thow). Not too long ago i ordered a few thow products from two of my favorite korean stores on ebay, and, as usual, they send me a huuuuge amount of samplers. Both of the sellers seemed to think i might like thow cleansing foams, so i ended up with enough samplers of both.

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Today i'd like to talk about a few cleansing foams that fall in higher price widmer range category that my usual purchases: The history of Whoo brightening Cleansing foam (Gongjinhyang seol) and, hwa hyun Cleansing foam, sulwhasoo snowise Ex Cleansing foam and, timetreasure Extra Creamy Cleansing. I did not aim for it, but accidentally i got a couple products from each brand. As always, this post is not sponsored in any way, shape or form; I purchased all products myself and all opinions are my own. Also, please keep in mind that I'll be talking about my personal experience with those products, so ymmv. I'm rather picky when it comes to cleansing products, and for a good reason (as I discussed here and here but having sensitive skin and living in a very polluted city can make anyone a picky consumer. I've noticed that most of the time i tend to pick my cleansers in lower to mid-range price category. While good ingredients are very important for me, i find it difficult to justify paying over 30 for a foam or a gel; in many cases I feel like i'm paying more for brand name and packaging than product itself. Don't take me wrong, i love seeing beautiful jars and bottles on my bathroom shelves as much as anyone else, but I'm trying my hardest to ignore packaging when shopping for skincare; however gorgeous, all those bottles will do nothing for my skin.

The history of whoo foam cleanser
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